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Grenache Universe
6 pack Espelt Grenache
65,00 €
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A grape, a thousand possibilities

Our Garnatxa celebrates its international day and we are joining the party with a special pack that pays homage to this sexy, chameleon-like grape. From our lighest moments , almost ethereal , to the solemnity that comes with age, family moments, sweet moments , Grenache is always with us. Who said monogamy is boring !

This pack contains 6 wines from the Espelt range, all made ​​with Garnacha (or Lledoner ) in multicoloured versions (Red, White and Grey grenache):

- Grenache Old Vines (red)
- Airam (sweet, solera-aged Garnacha)
- Coralí (rosé)
- Lledoner rosat (rosé)
- Quinze Roures (white)
- Lledoner Roig (blanc de gris)

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