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April 17 | Empordà | Viticulture

Suddenly, it's spring

We are living difficult times. We are never ready enough to assume the fragility of life. However, we have seen how we have been able to react in a way that we would never have imagined. We are still working, because nature do not stop and the tasks at the winery either. We needed to tell you, to feel your presence.


Anna Espelt said yesterday that the vine feels differently after days of looking inside: more intense, with more life. These days, the vine is bursting with strength, unstoppable. It is the vine that draws the landscape that many of us can not see now, but which gets closer with a glass of wine. It is spring that reminds us that we are part of the cycle, as a whole. Each year the life begins again and again, always with changes, adapted and in spite of everything.


This year the birds are singing louder and it seems that the clover flower on the top of our vegetal coverage is redder than ever. We feel the intensity here and there, and at the same time we worry about till when it's going to last. Surely we will not return to the world of yesteryear. Nature slowly hears the silence and spreads peacefully. The challenge, always, is to remember that the fragility of life is always there. To restore the balance between civilization and nature is more urgent than ever. The ecological emergency has long been leading our daily work, preserving the Mediterranean mosaic, helping the recovery of native species, using water resources to the limit, contacting small agroecological producers, reflecting on a future that yes or no must be in harmony with nature and not thanks to it. From the Empordà, we will continue to work the land carefully, loving it. We know that this is the only way to recieve the most valuable fruit.

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