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January 20 | Terroir | Viticulture


The storm unites us. Every time that reality surpasses us, especially if it is nature that rules, the mood in the winery changes. We take care of each other, we get together and change priorities. We have lived through a few storms together. We have taken this very calmly.


We had been waiting for Gloria for days, when we still did not know that her name would be Gloria. This fall, when the storms hit, we realized that climate change, although we had long considered erosion and the challenges of its unpredictability, was now becoming an emergency. From then on, all the decisions we have made in the vineyard have gone through the erosion filter first. Soils are the most precious thing we have. We don't want to lose them. We want them to gain in complexity and in life.


Our land is Mediterranean and we are used to rivers: that is why we have terraces, ditches and streams. But it's not enough. We decided to put green covers and leave some rows in the summer just to keep the soil, we also help it to have a better structure by adding compost. We spoke with the technicians of the Cap de Creus Natural Park and we thought about the best ways to clean the ditches while maintaining their flora and fauna. We think about where the water will want to go this time and help it get through where it can do the least damage.


Today we took a walk when the rain has subsided. There are waterfalls where there are usually only dry rocks. Roads that have become channels. It's Windy. The Mitsubishi climbs —that's why we have it. Sanjosex is playing. The new channels have protected the highest vines. Cantilevers have worked. We have a couple of challenges left. It is easier to see when the water is running and you know better where it comes from. Me and Esther exchanged glances, we are happy with the job well done. 141 liters have already rained. It has rained well, little by little. The doubt is now the next night. Let's pray.


Anna Espelt

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