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January 30 | Viticulture

Uproot vineyards

It has been a long time since we decided that we want to work with local varieties such as Grenache, Carignan, Muscat, Picapolla. There are several reasons, but surely the most important is because they are varieties very adapted to our soils and our climate and therefore this already makes the fruits better. The plant can concentrate on making them the best it knows. instead of fighting inclement weather, such as the north wind. These strains of local varieties need less water and have periods of sprouting and maturity fully adapted to our climate. They are definitely more sustainable!


We also do it because of the legacy, the tradition and everything that those who were there before us have taught us. The unique nature of these varieties will also give us the wines we want, deeply Empordà. The varieties are adapted to the north wind, they need less water and have periods of sprouting and maturity adapted to our climate.


From time to time we have to uproot vines, because more than thirty years ago we planted other varieties from outside. At the time, they were called "improvers" because it was said they could help benefit the terroir. Now we have learned that they have helped us to improve in our work, and we are grateful for it so. The ones we still have are uprooted little by little every year, some of which we replant with local varieties such as grenache, carinyenas of all colors, picapolla, muscatels and malvasias.

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