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September 18 2015 | Empordà

10 reasons to Love Grenache (and there are lots more!)

Today, september 18th, we are celebrating International Grenache Day. We think that Grenache has so many virtues that we could celebrate for longer. Grenache is a variety born to grow in Empordà, it loves our growing conditions: Tramuntana resistant, producing a low yield and with lovely qualities. We love it so much that we use it in eight different wines!


We put together a collection of them in a special 6 bottle pack that you can find in our shop (both here in Vilajuïga and on-line). These wines will allow you to understand the great versatility of Grenache. If you wish to know better the most unknown styles, the dessert wines ones, you can come to the “discover Garnatxa de l’Empordà” special visit which will take place on the 7th of November. If you’d like to come please email us at or call us at  972 53 17 27.



Here you have our 10 reasons to love Grenache/ our Love-letter to Grenache


1.  We like it because it’s easy drinking and versatile. It has plenty of different guises and despite how we dress it up it always looks good.   


2.  We like it because it loves to travel and is cosmopolitan. It has been able to adapt to far away lands (it’s  been said that it can even be found often in the south of Australia), and can resist as few others climate change.


3.  We like it because it’s local. It was born in Aragon and spread to Catalonia and South of France quickly, where we have made it our own.


4. We like it because it marries beautifully with oak. Together, they’ve got aromas that create irresistible perfume.


5. We like it, because it’s very affordable! We don’t care if it’s a Thursday or a Saturday, we don’t need a special occasion to open a bottle.


6. We like it because even though you can have it by itself, it also likes to be accompanied by a good dish, and it’s so easy to match with almost every food.


7. We like it, because, let’s admit it, everyone likes it. It’s not that it doesn’t have personality it’s just that it’s very popular.


8. We like it because white Grenache makes wine with a lot of body, white wines Jancis Robinson describes as “almost “ How could we resist such a description?


9. We like it because red Grenache is very approachable, with soft tannins that ensure the wine is very smooth.


10.  And we like it because it also exists as Grenache gris, a varietal that can be used for parfumed and full bodied whites and rosés, the most Empordanesa varietal. In 2008 Jancis Robinson said only 71 hectars still existed in Spain, and mentioned Espelt. She knows about all the good reasons to love our grenaches. Would you like to know them too?



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