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October 11 2014 | Events

Vinari Awards: Sauló and Solivent, Gold and Silver

Yesterday evening we went to Vilafranca del Penedès for the presentation of the Vinari Awards and we left very satisfied…

December 12 2014 | Empordà | Terroir | Viticulture

Lledoner Roig: The grape

Lledoner Roig, Garnatxa Roja, Garnatxa Grisa. Different words in Catalan to name the same type of grape. They’re exotic these grapes…

November 19 2014 | Empordà | Terroir

Talking about “Blanc de Roig” Red grapes, white wine

Lledoner Roig (aka Grenache Gris) is a grape that’s always been here. Since we started to work with the old…

October 4 2014 | Empordà | Terroir | Viticulture

Sharing Empordà

For some time we’ve wanted to share. Sharing Empordà and its liquid landscapes like the tramuntana wind, Carignan & Lledoner…

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