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December 18 2015

2015: The perfect vintage?

The 2015 wines are here! But... what was the harvest like? In short: We had a very hot start of the…

December 1 2015

We are on the guides!

We are very happy as this year we have been awarded a lot of points on several guides; and all of them add to the success we already had at the Vinari prizes, of which we already wrote about. Look at what people are saying about our wines, look...

November 9 2015 | Empordà | Pairing

Sweet Grenache: the sweet childhood of Empordà

Our roots are in sweet Grenache.  Before building our cellars, before making the first of our wines, our palates got…

September 18 2015 | Empordà

10 reasons to Love Grenache (and there are lots more!)

Today, september 18th, we are celebrating International Grenache Day. We think that Grenache has so many virtues that we could…

September 16 2015 | Empordà | Events

Ressaca de la 31a Mostra del Vi de l'Empordà

Ara que ja han passat uns dies i que ens hem recuperat de l’esforç vínic de la 31 Mostra del…

September 10 2015

Do you know what grape pickers eat for breakfast?

A little bit of history... This meal is also known as a "vineyard breakfast".  Its origin it lies in old…

August 28 2015

31a Muestra del vino del Empordà: Ramblear y degustar

De ferias, en la Rambla de Figueres, se hacen de muchos tipos y para todos los gustos. Una de las…

July 13 2015 | Art | Empordà

El Teatre-Museu Dalí de Figueres: una experiència surrealista

  They say that Empordà is a land of geniuses… And who is the most internationally well-known of them all? …

May 11 2015

Rosés are now in fashion

Rosé wines, which had long been considered a lesser version of red wines, have started to be considered a wine…

May 11 2015 | Events | Experiences

Resulta Concurs Epigrames Vínics

El jurat d'aquest concurs ha decidit declarar-lo desert. Gràcies a la gent que hi ha participat.

April 1 2015 | Art | Empordà | Events | Experiences | Terroir

Activitades enoturísticas para el Vívid 2015

Llega la primavera, se acerca el mes de abril y es tiempo de Vívid.   A continuación os dejamos las…

March 31 2015

Rosor's "Empordà brunyols"

When Carnival arrives, Rosor, the owner of the most popular shop in Vilajuïga that is also the gossip epicenter of…

March 6 2015

Time for calçots

We start 2015 with the season of cold and the season of calçots.   Enjoyed for ages, the calçotada is…

February 26 2015 | Empordà | Viticulture

Why is pruning necessary?

After these days of constant activity during the harvest, it would seem that the vineyards enter a lethargic state, but…

February 6 2015 | Empordà | Events | Terroir | Viticulture

The rebirth of Empordà or the vinous post-adolescent

Empordà is like a postcard, envied by many while also the source of pride for others.  Its landscapes have inspired…

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