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Terroir wines
Terres Negres Magnum 2015 1.500ml
28,75 €

An artist to discover. Terres Negres is part of our Terroir Trilogy, along with Coma Bruna and Quinze Roures. It´s made from vines planted between 1954 and 1934.

Terroir-driven red wine. Full-bodied. 12-month barrel ageing.

Variety: 86% Carignan | 14% Lledoner negre (Grenache)

Terres Negres tastes like its birthplace: Old vines on rolling hills of slate soils, surrounded by pines and aromatic herbs. Black fruit and graphite, slate and licorice. Clean, fresh, with a long ageing potential...

Expressive wines such as Terres Negres must be enjoyed slowly, with foods just as flavourful, that highlight its fruit and subtle aromas A beef burger with caramelized onion, roasted rabbit with olives and herbs, medium-roasted sirloin, nicely toasted on the outside and pink in the inside ...

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