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Terroir wines
Quinze Roures


11,40 €

9.49 points. La Guia dels Vins de Catalunya 2015

90 Points Guia Peñin. Quinze Roures 2016

91 Points Guía Peñín 2020

Decanter Asia Awards Silver Medal 2018

Decanter World Wine Adwards: Silver Medal. 2013

International Wine Challenge: Commended. 2015

Mundus Vini Silver Medal. 2015

Quinze Roures is our essence, our character and our history, our vineyard and our land, the Empordà.

Wine type

White wine with lees aging in barrel.


50% Lledoner Roig (Grey Grenache) | 50% Lledoner blanc (White Grenache)

Tastes like

Surprising aromas of dried fruits, anise and wood. Within seconds, Quinze Roures unfolds an unexpected freshness in the palate, boasting with elegance, fruit and minerality.


Quinze roures is just spectacular on the table. Its full body and spicyness make it a perfect match for richer dishes: Fish stews , vegetables, chicken, risotti. In the fall, you will love with seasonal vegetables: pumpkin, aubergine and bell peppers.



Old vines. Very old vines. Carignan and Lledoner (Grenache) planted on slate. Powerful and complex wines. With great acidity and full of life.

Our users say

És un dels millors vins blancs que es poden trobar. El pas per bota dona una complexitat al vi que el fan ideal per maridar tot tipus de plats, fins i tot alguna carn. És un vi dens i gustós, que demana de seguida ser begut.

M'encanta el Quinze Roures!

Té un punt metàl·lic que em deixa a la punta de la llengua que m'atrau molt!

M'encanta el Quinze Roures, a casa en bevem molt :)! És molt generós, molt gustós i pel peix ens encanta!
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