Garnatxa de l’Empordà


Evenings by the fire, enjoying our dessert… Our sweet wines follow an ancient tradition in which sweet wines were made for dessert, to accompany long conversations after dinner.


Garnatxa de l’Empordà

Type of wine
Fortified, sweet Empordà Grenache wine.

80% Lledoner negre (Grenache) | 20% Lledoner Roig (Grey Grenache)

How is it?
With beautiful golden and orange colours, sweet grenache is a nostalgic wine, that reminds us of raisins and takes us back to our dear old local bakery. Toast and honey aromas. Light and sweet.

Mountain: 25 hectares of organically-grown red varieties. Most of them Mediterranean. Our first experience with the reconstruction of terraces.

To accompany…
After lunch, when we get an irresistible urge to have something sweet and talks are in full swing, it’s time to open a bottle of Garnatxa Jove. With blue cheese, with our granny´s biscuit chocolate cake, with panellets -our marzipan pastries- or simply with nuts.



Technical Sheets


  • Gold Medal Grenaches du Monde 2019

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