Vailet is young and fresh. It is one of those wines that alleviate the heat in a night of fans and Cuban sones.


Vailet – 2022 Vintage

Type of wine
White, young and fresh. Organic

50 % Lledoner blanc (Grenache) | 50 % Macabeo

How is it?
Vailet has a shy, almost virginal color. It is very aromatic, soft and round in the palate. Peach and apricot, citrus notes and freshness.

El pla: These are the vinyards in front of the winery. Where the winery started. The grapes we use for the younger wines.

To accompany…
Vailet is the wine we drink to match lively conversations while we share some seafood tapas (squid, clams) and fresh fish. It lets fish, shellfish and seafood flavours stand out and shine. Vailet enhances their flavour and freshens the palate. Get a bucket full of water and salt, plenty of ice and just let it cool…

maridatge Vailet amb peixmaridatge Vailet amb verdures



Technical Sheets

Organic Certificate

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