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Anna Espelt

Director - Winemaker
Espelt is my life. The way I have to connect with my roots and with the cycles of life , taking care of a part of my land. It's great to have a job that gives people pleasure . A job that allows me to bring a bit of Empordà around the world . I strive to make more and more authentic wines, with character. Wines that convey their origin: Mediterranean, yet fresh... Wines that lead you to pour yourself a second glass.

Xavier Martínez

Espelt gave me the opportunity to discover Emporda, learn about this land and its fruits. Also gave me freedom to to practice my profesion -winemaking- and put intro practice what I learned on the last fifteen years on the job.
The most rewarding part of the job is to see how people got moved and see how the wine persist not only in their mouth but also in their memories

Ester Pérez

At first, Espelt provided an opportunity to discover the world of viticulture and wine, thus linking my knowledge as a biologist and my passion for nature . Today, in addition to my workplace, it is also a way of understanding life . Thanks to my work in Espelt ,I have learned to appreciate not just viticulture, but agriculture in general, especially as far as organic farming is concerned. Furthermore, Espelt has allowed me to meet good people, good colleagues and good friends.

Ot Uclés

National Sales
Espelt ,Viticultors de l'Empordà is the means I use to express my love for the Empordà . It is the thread that I use to explain to everyone the magic of this land ... Through the vineyards and the different terroirs, through its landscapes -both sea and mountain- through the Tramontana wind , through gastronomy and mostly ... Through our wines !

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