L’Escumós d’Anna Espelt


Joy of living liquid, like the sea and the foam. Breeze blending with algae and oysters. Appreciating the little details is the closest thing to happiness. Black grape white.


L’Escumós d’Anna Espelt – 2015 Vintage

Types of wine
Sparkling wine. Organic wine

100% monestrell

How is it?
Sparkling wine from Anna Espelt’s most personal project, from the vineyards of Mas Marés in Cap de Creus. It has been made with hand-harvested monster grapes. Aged with its mothers for four months and in the bottle for another 38 months. You will feel the rock, the north wind, the blue of the sky and the sea and a subtle perfume. Frank and very complex at the same time.

Mas Marés: vineyards by the sea and in the Cap de Creus Natural Park. Organic vines in a project that goes beyond viticulture, where we try to form a mosaic where the vines are mixed with oak trees, pastures and steppes, to achieve a more mature ecosystem and an increased biodiversity. Granites, tramuntana and sea wind.

To accompany
Very gastronomic wine to savor with seafood, fish or just alone.

maridatge peix l'escumós d'anna espeltmaridatge verdures l'escumós d'anna espeltmaridatge dolços l'escumós d'anna espelt



Technical Sheets


  • 90 points Miquel Hudin
  • 9,30 points La Guia de Vins de Catalunya 2021

Organic Certificate

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