The Origins

We are from here, from this land. The Empordà is where we were born, where we decided to live and follow the legacy of a family of wine growers. This is also where Grandpa Lluís decided to start making his own wine. He visualised the winery and laid the first stone down. Damià managed it first and afterwards Anna took the reins of the business. Eight generations of wine growers dedicated themselves to a landscape: the Empordà.


L'Empordà: Our Territory

Each harvest expresses the perfect cycle of this land between the sea and the mountains. An intimate and universal world shaped by the blowing north wind, the tramuntana, which accentuates the extreme landscapes and makes the vineyards seem more alive than ever. The wind, the light, the earth have all given us this passionate and restless character.

Land formed by patches of slate and granite which the vine is firmly rooted in. Sauló (local granite) soils give fresh and elegant wines. Slate is responsible for more mature, tannic and powerful wines.

Passion for Viticulture

We work with local varieties, the ones that best suit the climate and the soils we have, and we get wines that tell us about their origin, without artifice. Grenaches, which we call white, red and black lledoner as well as white, red and black carignan and macabeo, muscatel, monastrell… each expresses the virtues of our terroirs, producing unique wines.

Our restless spirit pushes us to learn every day and experiment with the elements we have. For years we have put a lot of effort into bringing life to the soil. We carried out an exhaustive study of the old vineyards and created the variety library where we saw that these old varieties were the best adapted to the climate of the area. Hence the first single varietal of red lledoner, also the re-evaluation of the white carignan.


A commitment to the land

We are fully aware that we live and make wine in a privileged environment, next to three natural parks.Our vines must grow in harmony if we want to make the best wine. Integrate, care for, preserve. Being part of the place, because we are just passing through, which is why we work organically. The wine is made in the vineyard.

Espelt’s vineyards form a mosaic of great diversity. A variety of orientations, microclimates and  locations. From the most productive vines on the plains to the plots of the terraprims, the slopes where we have rebuilt old, dry-stone terraces. From the very old vineyards of Rabós, in the Sierra de l’Albera, a refuge of history and wisdom, to the extensive estate of Mas Marès, facing the sea and in the heart of the Cap de Creus Natural Park. With a deep-rooted and conscious viticulture, we want to maintain this rich diversity and balance.


Organic Certificate

From the 2020 vintage all our wines have organic certificate. A milestone for twenty years of learning and commitment with our place.


Preservation of biodiversity and regeneration of soils are the main objective and why we practice a sustainable and respectful viticulture.

Dry stone

We have rebuilt more than 3.000 m of dry stone walls. Is a big bet for preservation of our landscape and the mediterranean ecosystem.

Local varieties

With varieties library from the old vines, we recovered local varieties and we found that they were the best adapted to the weather conditions of this area.

Cyclic nature

We take advantatge of the wise of nature in order to create wines in harmony. We plant a cover crop to regenarate soils. We listen to the Earth before making any decision.

Winemaking tradition

Eight generations of winemakers. This landscape is the most precious legacy that we inherited. To preserve it, is our objective.

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