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June 22
We love to live here, in the Empordà, and take care of the landscape, take care of the land and be able to make a wine that is a genuine expression of it. Our work makes sense when we act with the utmost awareness of the fragility of what we have on hand. Taking care of each of the steps in winemaking, without ever losing sight of the legacy of nature, is a sine qua non condition for feeling that we are doing our job well. Therefore, we are very happy to announce an agreement on agricultural stewardship with the IAEDEN, an organisation that works to preserve the most valuable things we have, face to face with roots, shrubs, animals, plants and all biodiversity. which reigns in and around the vineyards.
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Sol i Vent Blanc 2019
De vinyes dels terraprims de Vilajuïga al voltant del celler sobre parcel•les de sòls granítics. Varietats: Macabeu (86%), lledoner blanc (10%) i lledoner roig (4%) Vi blanc de raïm ecològic, el primer blanc ecològic d’Espelt. Un vi franc, d’acidesa marcada, amb certa complexitat pel treball realitzat amb les mares. És volgudament fresc. En nas, notes de fruita blanca i fons d’infusió: tocs de camamilla, cap d’ase, farigola i romaní. En boca, és un vi voluminós i sedós, de marcat caràcter Mediterrani. Convida a beure. És versàtil i dona molt de joc a nivell gastronòmic.
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We love having you at the winery. You can come to taste, to walk around the vineyard and to see the cellar. You can celebrate your events and even stay for the night.
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