les elies premi

Les Elies: Gold Medal Grenaches du Monde

Les Elies, our tribute to the red Grenache, has received the Grenaches du Monde Gold...
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viticultura terra mereix

The viticulture that the land deserves

Integral land management requires a lot of observation, understanding the land in its circumstances. In...
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Natura a les vinyes Espelt

Vivid: Nature in the Espelt vineyards

Vivid is here with two activities: Nature in the Espelt vineyards and Wines and Landscapes...
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Montse capel

Montse Capel presenta mynameismoon

Montse Capel presenta l’exposició mynameismoon al Celler Espelt, del 19 de març al 29 de...
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mosaic mas marés

El mosaic de Mas Marès

Des que el 2004 vam començar a plantar vinya a Mas Marès, al Cap de...
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vaques cap de creus

The cows return to Cap de Creus

Since we can remember, we have seen cows in Albera and Cap de Creus. Changes...
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puntuacions la guia espelt

Pla de Tudela, The Best Picapoll Blanc

Our wines have received very good scores in La Guia de Vins de Catalunya and...
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pedra seca

Why do we rebuild dry stone walls?

Dry stone is part of our landscape, one of the reasons we rebuild dry stone...
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terres negres espelt

Infinits lots de Nadal Espelt

Demana el teu lot de Nadal Espelt a mida. Tenim una àmplia gamma de vins,...
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Nia Delfau Espelt

Com una planta: photographs by Nia Delfau

Nia Delfau exhibition at the Celler Espelt opening on Saturday, November 6th, at 12 pm....
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La Vella

La Vella: white Carignan from the Empordà

La Vella is our white Carignan of old vineyards, planted in 1919. This wine is...
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algo - Celler Espelt

Cool Catalans – Jancis Robinson

‘Empordà is definitely on the move. It is well past its flirtation with international vine...
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Why we make the yeast of a new wine?

We started a yeast in the vineyard by the sea, in Mas Marés. This fermented...
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Vineyards and drought

In the middle of the harvest we observe the vineyards. They have come this far,...
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Harvest is comming

To determine the optimal degree of ripeness of the grapes, we carry out periodic checks...
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Sauló, Gold Vinari Young Red Wines, and more magnificent scores

This summer we have collected a good sample of awards and recognitions that help us...
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Terroirs that verol

Verol is when the grape begins to take on the color it has when it...
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pedra seca

Why we take care of soils?

Soils are one of the most precious elements of a vineyard, perhaps the most important....
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Sauló Medalla Grenaches

Sauló, Silver Medal Grenaches du Monde

We are very happy with a new award for our Sauló: Silver Medal of Grenaches...
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anna canvi climàtic

What can we do to curb climate change?

Since we know that the climate change is almost irreversible we do not stop asking...
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The day we fell in love with a vineyard

When spring breaks out, it’s a good time to graft. We’ve had some grafts for...
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Andere Monjo presents The Wine Colors

We open the doors of the winery again for local artists who want to show...
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Anna Espelt: “Pura cepa women”

The magazine Woman publishes under the title “Mujeres de pura cepa, así son las grandes...
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We plant cuttings

This week finally wind stopped and were able to restart cuttings planting. The cuttings are...
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Uproot Vines

It has been a long time since we decided that we want to work with...
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The vintage is already resting

Winegrowers, like all farmers, live in permanent uncertainty. This year this tradition has allowed us...
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A different vintage and 100% organic certification

It’s August, we already feel the end of summer and, even so, there are still...
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Guia Peñín 2021: excelent scores

The final Guía Peñín 2021 scores are out! As you all know, Guía Peñín is...
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Verolar and whatelse?

If there’s one thing we learn from listening to and observing the earth, it’s that...
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Biodiversity vineyards, happy vineyards

We love to live here, in the Empordà, and take care of the landscape, take care...
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estofat de poltre i comabruna

Grandma Recipes: Estofat de poltre & ComaBruna

El guanyador de les Receptes de l’àvia IV és Enric Bassegoda que proposa un estofat...
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pa amb vi i sucre

The tradition of bread with wine and sugar

In Catalan farmhouses there was always a round, country-style bread, which one could cut large...
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garnatxa Empordà

Sweet Grenache: the sweet childhood of Empordà

Our roots are in sweet Grenache. Before building our cellars, before making the first of...
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brunyols de l'Empordà

Rosor’s “Empordà brunyols”

Brunyols are the sweetest tradition of Lent in the Empordà. We went to Ca la...
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lledoner roig varietat

Talking about Grey Grenache: Empordà variety

Lledoner roig, red grenache, grey grenache. Different words to name the same type of grape....
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lledoner roig detall

Talking about The Lledoner Roig: red grapes, white wine

Let’s talk about Lledoner Roig: wine. Because lledoner roig (aka Grey Grenache), the grape, has...
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Special vintages, rare wines and our most precious viticulture secrets.