Decanter expert choice Empordà Espelt

Coma Bruna and La Vella with very good scores from Decanter

Espelt Viticultors, has been one of the wineries chosen in the Empordà wine selection in...
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Mcap Mas Marès Espelt

The Mediterranean Climate Action Partnership delegation visits Mas Marès

This Wednesday we received more than 50 representatives of the global partnership Mediterranean Climate Action...
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Disfrutar Espelt

The day that Disfrutar came to Mas Marès

Just a week ago Disfrutar was named Best Restaurant in the World according to The...
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Zina López  A frec de pell i vi

A frec de pell i vi: Zina López i Albert Carol

El proper divendres 31 de maig a les 19 hores inaugurem al Celler Espelt A...
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Corrents migratoris

Corrents Migratoris, fotografia amb missatge al Celler Espelt

El 19 d’abril a les 19 h inaugurem l’exposició de fotografies “Corrents Migratoris” de l’ONG...
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Mas Marès, agroforestry management against climate change

The Catalan Office of Climate Change publishes a guide to the results of the LIFE...
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La realitat climàtica a la DO Empordà: com afrontar-la

“La realitat climàtica a la DO Empordà: com afrontar-la” al Celler Espelt

Celler Espelt has hosted the technical conference “Climate reality in DO Empordà: how to deal...
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verema lledoner roig

Harvest the drought

In a summer that has broken all historical records for warm temperatures, the harvest is...
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bassa rec Espelt

How do we save water in the vineyard?

This year we face the worst drought we have experienced in decades. We face the...
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luis izquierdo-mosso

Luis Izquierdo-Mosso inaugurates Stages and Museums at the Espelt winery

Next Saturday, July 8 at 7 p.m., the artist Luis Izquierdo-Mosso will inaugurate the exhibition...
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sequera vinya

The drought in the vineyard

It hasn’t rained in three years. Drought in the vineyard is a reality. The previous...
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Nzuri Daima

Charity exhibition of the Nzuri Daima Foundation

December 22 at 7 p.m.: We open the exhibition If women lowered their arms, the...
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mosaic mas marés

Mas Marès, molt més que vinyes verdes vora el mar

Mas Marès és una finca agrícola situada al Parc Natural del Cap de Creus. El...
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verema s'avança

The harvest is advanced

The harvest starts! Heat, drought, wild boars and all the variables you know make this...
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anna espelt rac1

Interview with Anna Espelt on El Món a Rac1

Last Friday, Anna Espelt was on the special program of El Món a Rac1 from...
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The vines change their colors

Slightly earlier than other years, the vines begin to change their colors. The color change...
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guia peñin espelt

Excellent scores for Espelt in the Peñín Guide

The first scores of the Peñín 2023 Guide have already been released. Coma Bruna, Quinze...
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Dylan Grigg

Balance before harvest

The end of the vineyard cycle is near. We already have well-populated berries and we...
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Abentín hort

Ernest Abentín presents Croma Catalana, a eulogy to the garden

On Friday, July 8th at 7:30 p.m., Espelt Viticultors presents a new photography exhibition linked...
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Decanter Espelt

Decanter WWA Silver Medals for Espelt

Coma Bruna (91 points) and Lledoner Roig (92 points) received the Decanter Silver Medal, one...
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visita vilajuïga esplet

Winetour is open!

We are very pleased to announce that we offer a winetour forward to hearing from...
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les elies premi

Les Elies: Gold Medal Grenaches du Monde

Les Elies, our tribute to the red Grenache, has received the Grenaches du Monde Gold...
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viticultura terra mereix

The viticulture that the land deserves

Integral land management requires a lot of observation, understanding the land in its circumstances. In...
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Natura a les vinyes Espelt

Vivid: Nature in the Espelt vineyards

Vivid is here with two activities: Nature in the Espelt vineyards and Wines and Landscapes...
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Montse capel

Montse Capel presenta mynameismoon

Montse Capel presenta l’exposició mynameismoon al Celler Espelt, del 19 de març al 29 de...
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mosaic mas marés

El mosaic de Mas Marès

Des que el 2004 vam començar a plantar vinya a Mas Marès, al Cap de...
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vaques cap de creus

The cows return to Cap de Creus

Since we can remember, we have seen cows in Albera and Cap de Creus. Changes...
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puntuacions la guia espelt

Pla de Tudela, The Best Picapoll Blanc

Our wines have received very good scores in La Guia de Vins de Catalunya and...
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pedra seca

Why do we rebuild dry stone walls?

Dry stone is part of our landscape, one of the reasons we rebuild dry stone...
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terres negres espelt

Infinits lots de Nadal Espelt

Demana el teu lot de Nadal Espelt a mida. Tenim una àmplia gamma de vins,...
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Nia Delfau Espelt

Com una planta: photographs by Nia Delfau

Nia Delfau exhibition at the Celler Espelt opening on Saturday, November 6th, at 12 pm....
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La Vella

La Vella: white Carignan from the Empordà

La Vella is our white Carignan of old vineyards, planted in 1919. This wine is...
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algo - Celler Espelt

Cool Catalans – Jancis Robinson

‘Empordà is definitely on the move. It is well past its flirtation with international vine...
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Why we make the yeast of a new wine?

We started a yeast in the vineyard by the sea, in Mas Marés. This fermented...
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mas mares

Vineyards and drought

In the middle of the harvest we observe the vineyards. They have come this far,...
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Harvest is comming

To determine the optimal degree of ripeness of the grapes, we carry out periodic checks...
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Sauló, Gold Vinari Young Red Wines, and more magnificent scores

This summer we have collected a good sample of awards and recognitions that help us...
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Terroirs that verol

Verol is when the grape begins to take on the color it has when it...
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pedra seca

Why we take care of soils?

Soils are one of the most precious elements of a vineyard, perhaps the most important....
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Sauló Medalla Grenaches

Sauló, Silver Medal Grenaches du Monde

We are very happy with a new award for our Sauló: Silver Medal of Grenaches...
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anna canvi climàtic

What can we do to curb climate change?

Since we know that the climate change is almost irreversible we do not stop asking...
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The day we fell in love with a vineyard

When spring breaks out, it’s a good time to graft. We’ve had some grafts for...
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Andere Monjo presents The Wine Colors

We open the doors of the winery again for local artists who want to show...
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Anna Espelt: “Pura cepa women”

The magazine Woman publishes under the title “Mujeres de pura cepa, así son las grandes...
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We plant cuttings

This week finally wind stopped and were able to restart cuttings planting. The cuttings are...
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Uproot Vines

It has been a long time since we decided that we want to work with...
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The vintage is already resting

Winegrowers, like all farmers, live in permanent uncertainty. This year this tradition has allowed us...
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A different vintage and 100% organic certification

It’s August, we already feel the end of summer and, even so, there are still...
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Guia Peñín 2021: excelent scores

The final Guía Peñín 2021 scores are out! As you all know, Guía Peñín is...
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Verolar and whatelse?

If there’s one thing we learn from listening to and observing the earth, it’s that...
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Biodiversity vineyards, happy vineyards

We love to live here, in the Empordà, and take care of the landscape, take care...
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vinya jove

A Young Vineyard

These days we are working in a young vineyard, recently replanted. Making wine is constant...
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estofat de poltre i comabruna

Grandma Recipes: Estofat de poltre & ComaBruna

El guanyador de les Receptes de l’àvia IV és Enric Bassegoda que proposa un estofat...
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pa amb vi i sucre

The tradition of bread with wine and sugar

In Catalan farmhouses there was always a round, country-style bread, which one could cut large...
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garnatxa Empordà

Sweet Grenache: the sweet childhood of Empordà

Our roots are in sweet Grenache. Before building our cellars, before making the first of...
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brunyols de l'Empordà

Rosor’s “Empordà brunyols”

Brunyols are the sweetest tradition of Lent in the Empordà. We went to Ca la...
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lledoner roig varietat

Talking about Grey Grenache: Empordà variety

Lledoner roig, red grenache, grey grenache. Different words to name the same type of grape....
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lledoner roig detall

Talking about The Lledoner Roig: red grapes, white wine

Let’s talk about Lledoner Roig: wine. Because lledoner roig (aka Grey Grenache), the grape, has...
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