Nia Delfau Espelt

Com una planta: photographs by Nia Delfau

Nia Delfau exhibition at the Celler Espelt opening on Saturday, November 6th, at 12 pm.

Nia Delfau, a Galician-Catalan by heart and nomad by choice, is an artist who has lived in the Empordà for some time. Her photographs are the result of proces of learning after going through the world of design, fashion and art. On Saturday we open the photography exhibition Com una planta [As a plant] in the Celler Espelt.

When she returned from Tokyo, after a few months working with the renowned photographer Osamu Yokonami, he settled in the Empordà and decided to create with the small moments, with everyday life, with what was happening near her unnoticed. Com una planta project is the result of this patient observation of change, of the little things that move without noise and of the artist’s relationship with nature and flowers. Every photo a mirror of the permanent change of life. Nia Delfau has worked as an art director for various design studios and with renowned brands such as  The Animals Observatory. This exhibition is the patient observation on his return from Japan, with the calm that nature surrounds us, a look that invites us to focus on the present. The artist has also recently launched the Casa Delfau project, a creative space in which he develops his most personal part in the form of his own brand, gallery and projects. Com una planta is his first photography exhibition in the Empordà.

Come and share a glass of wine with us and Nia Delfau. We look forward to seeing you at the opening on Saturday, November 6th, at 12 noon, in the same winery.

Nia Delfau al Celler Espelt