Old fashioned Harvest

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Old fashioned harvest on September 9th. An experience to get to know the work of the ancient grape pickers, its traditions and the viticulture of our grandparents. Tradition and ancestral knowledge. A day to enjoy with family.

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The old fashioned harvest is a family experience. We will learn how to make wine like our grandpa’s.

Arrival at 10 am at the meeting point: Celler Espelt, Vilajuïga.

Duration: 4 hours


We will leave the Celler together and make a walk to the vineyards of Mas Espelt. Then we will harvest and press the grapes in old seeds and with the help of our feet!

During the grape press we will have live music and at the end a small snack for ready made wine tasting!


Bring comfortable shoes and cool clothes, also some water to keep us hydrated during the walk and harvest.

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