Viticulture is our origins. It´s who we are . We feel that much of the ampurdanéssoil was lost and we are now working, step by step, to recover it.And for that reason, we have climbed up the hills, we have sought old vines, we have decided to plant vineyards along the sea. We believe deeply in soils and we know it takes years to them to form. We want the generations to come, whether or not part of the family, to feel proud of the legacy we have left them.

We take pride in what is ours: we want a new look at Carignan; we want to recover the deeply-rooted Lledoners -Garnachas- that were lost with phylloxera; we want to give a new life to Lledoner Roig. And at the same time, discover our most distant roots. The road will be long. Maybe longer than a lifetime.


Old vines, very old vines, between 30 and 114 years old. Carignan and Lledoner (Grenache). Wise and old vineyards, planted on slate. Extremely low yields that lead to power and complexity. We were looking for vineyards that could tells us about who we are and who we were… And we found these gems.


Green vineyards by the sea, in the Natural Park of Cap de Creus. Organic vines in a project that goes beyond viticulture, where we try to draw a mosaic where the vines are mixed with oaktrees, pastures and plains and where the final result is a more mature ecosystem, with increased biodiversity. Granite, Tramontana and sea wind make up a perfect environment for very Mediterranean wines : complex, intense and delicate.


Around the winery, on a granitic enclave, we have our mountain vineyards. They were planted between 1998 and 2002 as part of Anna´s degree thesis. We started to climb up the mountain again to rediscover the true terroir of the Empordà . 25 hectares of organically-grown red varieties, mostly Mediterranean: Grenache , Syrah, Mourvèdre and Carignan . It was also our first experience with the reconstruction of terraces, essential to prevent erosion when torrential rains wash away the soils.


These vineyards are just in front of the winery. There is Lledoner Blanc and Negre (White and black Grenache) , Macabeu ( Viura ) and other grapes we use for our younger wines. They are the origin of the winery. This is where we started and where we have learned everything we know